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Blue Planet Divers prides itself on an amazing team of experienced and professional Scuba Instructors and Captains. All dives are lead by Instructors, who are not only certified Divemasters but also have also undergone additional training to become certified Scuba Instructors. Our Captains know the local waters and their boats inside and out to make sure you have a comfortable and exciting day on the water. With our powers combined, we provide exceptional service and a boutique experience on every trip.


Located on West Bay Beach in Roatan, Blue Planet Divers showcases the very best scuba diving in Roatan. Our professional and friendly team is dedicated to offering one-of-a-kind small group diving experiences. Whether you are heading to Roatan to dive for fun or take a class, our team is here to ensure you enjoy the unique diversity of Roatan's reef.

We offer a boutique experience at our dive center - small groups, fast boats, professional instructors, experienced captains, and more time diving. Whether it's customizing dive packages, arranging courses, training, private charters, or accommodations we're here for you! 

Our goal is simple: provide a personalized experience for our valued guests. Deliver quality service, focus on safety, stick to small groups with longer dive times, and keep things easy and flexible. Our world-class team of instructors and captains makes every dive an amazing experience.

But don't take our word for it - we've won TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice award every year since 2018! See what our clients are saying on TripAdvisor.




Tom Nemeth

Owner, Scuba Instructor & Captian

Nickname: Tom

Born: Ontario, Canada

Diving Since: 2004

Started Diving In: Utila, Honduras

Favorite Dive Site: Double D Wall

Favorite Sea Life: Soap fish

Favorite Part of Diving: Showing people how vast the underwater world is.

Fun Fact: When he's not working, Tom is Pepper's full-time Dad. He's also OCD about sweeping the shop ;).



Scuba Instructor

Nickname: Pepito

Born In: Valencia, Spain

Diving since: 2008

Started Diving In: Almeria, Spain

Favorite Dive Site: Blue Channel

Favorite Sea Life: Nudibranches

Favorite Part of Diving: It brings her peace.

Fun Fact: She speaks 3 languages.



Scuba Instructor

Nickname: Blondie

Born In: Valencia, Spain

Diving since: 2016

Started Diving In: Benissa, Spain

Favorite Dive Site: Texas

Favorite Sea Life: Turtles

Favorite Part of Diving: It's the closest thing to outer space.

Fun Fact: He's a real trumpet player.



Scuba Instructor

Nickname: La Ballerina Sauvage

Born: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Diving Since: 2014

Started DIving In: Roatan, Honduras

Favorite Dive Site: Blue Moonshine, Hole in the Wall, Bears Den

Favorite Sea Life: Octopus

Favorite Part of Diving: Being part of the ocean for a while.

Fun Fact: She's almost trilingual, an Aida certified free diver, and stronger than she looks!



Freediving Instructor

Nickname: Tiburón 50

Born In: Argentina

Diving since: Scuba since he was 15, free diving for 15 years, 10 instructing

Started Diving In: Argentina

Favorite Dive Site: Shark dives and Blue Channel

Favorite Sea Life: Sea lions

Favorite Part of Diving: The personal connection.

Fun Fact: He is a 102mts freediver and the only Central American instructor who teaches hands free EQ and is a continental record freediver.




Nickname: Popeye

Born In: Yoro, Honduras

Captain Since: 2015

Started Diving In: Roatan, Honduras

Favorite Dive Site: The shark dive

Favorite Sea Life: Whale shark

Favorite Part of Diving: Sharks.

Fun fuct: He's the only person who doesn't have a right middle toe.




Nickname: Pinina

Born In: Tocoa, Colón, Honduras

Captian Since: 2020

Started Diving In: Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Favorite Dive Site: Turtle Crossing

Favorite Sea Life: Turtles

Favorite Part of Diving: Spending time with people during surface intervals.

Fun Fact: He's the Freddy Kruger of captains.



Dive Shop Manager

Nickname: Monster

Born: Czech Republic

Favorite Dive Site: Bringing you a leaf to throw...

Favorite Sea Life: Chasing the leaf...

Favorite Part of Diving: Bringing the leaf back so you can throw it again!

Fun Fact: The only thing she loves more than waiting for divers to return is getting petted by divers who just had an amazing day on the water!

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